Your Time Sheets, Automated

Aestiva Timesheets manages the "Record Time-Approve-Summarize and Extract" business process. Fast and Easy. The way you want your time tracked. Whether your policies are so complex they would challenge a rocket scientist or you're simply fed up with not being automated, we'll assemble a time traking system that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

‣ Easy like paper.
‣ Automated workflow.
‣ Custom designed sheet.
‣ Includes advanced reporting.
‣ iPad, iPhone, and Android friendly.
‣ Install internal or on the Web.
‣ Access with any browser.
‣ No PC software.

From leaders in paperwork automation.
Aestiva Timesheets can be assembled almost any way you want. To serve any tracking need imaginable. As a world leading Business Process Automation firm, Aestiva goes further. We make sure your system matches your process. So you get exactly what you want. Easily. Affordably. In no time.

You'll love us.
Not only do we have a great product, we have no recurring software license fees. Call us radicals but we don't think you should be charged in year-two for work paid for and delivered in year-one. Call today for a free demonstration. It's about time.

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Price Tiers for Aestiva Timesheet Software
One-time (non-recurring) pricing based on number of active named users.
Price below includes setup and installation. Please call for quotation.

TS-15 $2,495 (Up to 15 users)
Plus $99 per additional user.
TS-50 $3,995 (Up to 50 users)
Plus $79 per additional user.
TS-150 $9,995 (Up to 150 users)
Plus $65 per additional user.
TS-250 $13,745 (Up to 250 users)
Plus $49 per additional user.
TS-500 $19,995 (Up to 500 users)
Plus $39 per additional user.
Other Call for pricing.
Scaleable to 100,000+ users.
*Cloud Hosting option also available.

Timesheet Software Comparison

Use the chart below to quickly compare Aestiva Timesheet with other related products from Aestiva.

Time &
Time &
 Timesheet Form Yes Yes Yes     Yes
 Expense Reporting   Yes     Yes Yes
 Leave Requests       Yes   Yes
 Project Assignments     Yes     Yes
 Project Scheduling     Yes     Yes
 Customer Invoicing           Yes
 Approval Flow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Advanced Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Proxy Login Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Audit Trails Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Timesheet Software - Enterprise Systems

Aestiva Timesheet can be installed for the entire enterprise. Aestiva delivers:

  • Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Expense Report Systems
  • Distributed Systems (Servers installed around the world)
  • Scaling to Over 100,000 Users
  • Solutions Hosted In-House or 100% Outsourced
  • Deployment Planning and Opportunity Consulting

Aestiva's Timesheet Software systems have low-IT overhead and can be deployed quickly. Our "simple-is-better" design philosophy matches well with the goals of Aestiva's enterprise customers. For further information please call Aestiva and ask for an Enterprise Deployment expert.

Timesheet Software Extensions

Here is a partial (alphabetical) list of features that can be added to Aestiva Timesheets. Call for details and a price quotation.

Accrual Calculators - The base system includes an electronic time sheet with the ability to apply time to leave and different charge accounts. Perhaps you want to also display the leave accruals for each user, their comp time, and more. Call for details.

Hardware Clocks - Link Aestiva Timesheets to punch-in hardware. Need fingerprint-scanning or face-image capture? Looking to monitor your locations using video-capture? Anything is possible. Call for details.

Job/Tasks Lookups - The base product includes user-based and department-based jobs. Our production department builds the most advanced project-centric time sheets too. Call for details.

Overtime Calculators - Add OT (overtime) calculations, display overtime history, and add the administrator components for entering user-specific information, if/when needed. Call for details.

Invoicing Tools - Add tools to generate invoices. Call for details.

Check-off Tools - Our production department can add special check-off tools so time collected on time sheets can be carried over to other systems, and/or used selectively for the generation of secondary forms, reports, and outputs. Call for details.

Custom Layouts - Nobody is more flexible than Aestiva. We can make major changes to the layout of any time sheet. Add reportable custom fields, change how fields or ordered and organized on the screen, change the time sheet period (note that time can be submitted weekly and still be reported/exported bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), and more. Call for details.

Expense Reimbursement Form - This product can be merged with Aestiva Expense Report, an Aestiva product for requesting, approving, and processing requests for reimbursement. Call for details. Ask about our multi-product discounts.

Language extensions - This product can be provided in most languages and can be extended with additional languages. How about Spanish? How about English and French? Call for details.

Leave Request Form - This product can be merged with Aestiva Leave Request, an Aestiva product for requesting, approving, and processing leave requests. Call for details. Ask about our multi-product discounts.

Off-Line Time Sheet - Need to fill out time sheets while deep in the Amazon jungle, or perhaps when you are at 30,000 ft up in the air? No worries. Add an off-line spreadsheet tool. Call for details.

Union-specific Time Sheet Forms - Got a lot of Union requirements? No problem. We support union-specific time sheets. Call for details.

General Information Box
About Time Sheet Software
Automating your time tracking process requires timesheet software, also known as time tracking software. Time Tracking Software comes in many forms. Time tracking can be done with hardware, software, and combinations of software and hardware. When combined with hardware, time tracking software is often called time clock software. The better time clock software vendors also provide advanced timesheet software since, in general, timesheet software is often more sophisticated than time clock software.

The timesheet software solutions provided by Aestiva are flexible. Systems can be assembled with or without hardware. If you use hardware and you do not need to automate the approval process of timesheets then you can stick to less sophisticated time clock software.

The Goal of a Time Sheet Software Product
When selecting a Timesheet Software product your first task will be identifying your goals. Most time tracking environments contains certain "pain points." Eliminating these pain points can give you huge rewards. A good Timesheet Software solution eliminates user abuse and fraud. It can also slash operational overheads.

Why Your Timesheet Software May Just Be The Beginning
Aestiva sells software other than Timesheet Software. Many Aestiva customers, after they invest in automating a time tracking process with an Aestiva Timesheet system, buy other products from Aestiva. An investment in a Timesheet Software product opens the door to more automations. Aestiva also sells Purchasing systems, Asset and Inventory software, HR Software systems, and much more. Of course, at this time you may want to focus on getting a great Timesheet Tracking product, but keep in mind, this may just be the beginning.
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More Value
View advanced features provided with all Aestiva products.

   More Value.

  • Products can integrate with non-Aestiva products.
  • Products include dynamic reporting system.
  • Products include executive dashboard module.
  • Products are multi-language ready.
  • Products include detailed audit trail.
  • Products can be extended with special features.
  • Products utilize user-friendly paper-like forms.
  • Products are affordable.
  • Products can be installed on your server.
  • Products can also be installed on the cloud.
  • Products can be scaled across multiple servers.
  • End-user and admin side is 100% browser-based.
  • Products are assembled and delivered fast.
  • Prices on-line include end-to-end customer support.
  • Products require limited or no in-house IT support.
  • Products can be combined with other Aestiva products.


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